“A wonderful occasion to start the New Year!” – Ronald Mutebi II, Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom.

“This is Uganda’s Zanzibar! A very nice place with fantastic service! We will come back.”
The Norwegian Ambassador.

“Thanks so much for the beautiful adventure. This place I will remember forever.”

“I had my best birthday ever! Who says turning 30 is not nice? Thank you so much for your hospitality, good food and service, and flexibility. I felt super at home.” – Laura and friends.

“What a wonderful hideaway from Kampala! We enjoyed every minute and felt very welcome. You have the best crew.”

“What an awesome find. We are so proud of you. Thank you for a great visit.”

“Our second stay at Lagoon Resort. Lovely birds, food, people, swimming pool and amazing nature. I would love to come back here with my friends. Thank you very much.”

“A wonderful place – a decent little taste of paradise.”

“What a discovery! How did I miss the Lagoon for so long? I am very impressed by the location and service. I will come again, especially for the delicious meal. Thank you and keep it up.”
Amama Mbabazi (Prime Minister of Uganda 2011-2014)

“In this place, everything comes together: beauty of nature, silence, warm hospitality and delicious meals! A place to relax and enjoy. Feeling at ease and home, a perfect closure of our fantastic Uganda trip. Thank you very much.” – Guests from the Netherlands.

“This is my third time visiting the Lagoon in six weeks and I will not stop coming. The Lagoon paradise is the ultimate place to be away from Kampala!”

“The food alone is worth a visit. Waking to the bird chirps and monkey rustling were an ideal way to start a relaxing day. Thank you – and until the next time.”

“A second visit! Thanks for another memorable experience. This time the highlight was backward kayaking, a quick 5 km on the undulating road [that is Lake Victoria].”

“Amazing! Thank you so much! An island holiday for a day! We feel as though we had a long break and have been a long way from Kampala, but it only took half an hour to get here and we’ve only been here 24 hours! Fantastic place, very welcoming staff, beautiful setting and delicious food.”

“This weekend turned out to be just as we dreamed of. Good sleep, lovely food, great hospitality, in addition to volleyball, fishing, a village walk and a lot of reading. The perfect break for two exhausted parents, but next time we’ll bring our kids! Thank you very much.” – The Norwegian Embassy.

“It’s a paradise – so many birds.”

“This place has worked a welcome change of world for me this weekend. Thank you. It has been like paradise here. The butterflies, birds, the natural beauty of this and the lagoon and sky, ever-changing; we have felt very welcome and very well cared for here. Mukasa enhanced our experience with walks. He showed us the trees, birds and lizards and introduced us to the life of the people who live on this beautiful peninsula. From the first vegetable sandwich to the last dinner of orange-marinated chicken, you have created the utmost sumptuous meals. Such a pleasure.”
Luke, National Geographic, San Francisco

“Un petit paradis où il est bon venir pour oublier les embouteillages de Kampala, le bruit et la foule – ici nous avons apprécié le calme, I’accueil, le confort, le service, la gentilesse de nos hôtes, la disponibilité de Patrick, la nourriture du chef, la nourriture du chef, la nourriture du chef!”

“Thank you for creating a very unique and unforgettable retreat.”